Get addicted to Photo Swapping !

Looking at something worth taking a picture of ? Use PhotoSwap and send your picture immediately to another randomly-selected PhotoSwap user. In exchange you'll get his.

You can reply to each picture you receive with ... another picture of course! And engage in a real photo-based conversation.

Each picture taken has one and only one recipient. Be surprised by a unique glimpse into someone else's life !

PhotoSwap is a ground breaking new social networking application. Don't hesitate to try it out ! No registration or setup required, simply install and enjoy.


  • Touch the Camera to take a picture and initiate a "Photo Swap" with a random user
  • Touch the Reply button to send a photo to the author of the picture you're currently looking at
  • Touch the Messages button to view replies you've received
  • Touch the Info button to view information about the author of a picture, including its location (if available)
  • Use the iPhone Settings application to change your own settings
  • Enjoy !

Photoswap in the Appstore (Free!)